Frequently Asked Questions

To clarify and address common queries, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

Deadlines are shown to encourage exhibitors to reply early. Surcharges will be applied to Electrical Orders only after this date (except late exhibitors). Furniture orders should be made as early as possible due to stock levels. Place any other orders (name panels, shell scheme extras, etc) as soon as possible.

No. Please tell us in writing if you would like them to be removed, however if a wall is over 4 metres in length and doesn’t back onto another shell scheme, bracing may be needed for stability.

To create a 1metre wide x 1metre deep store you will need to select 1 x wall panel (WP) and 1 x Lockable Door Section (EWD) or Entrance Way Curtain (EWC) on the order form (shell scheme only)

A. Shell
scheme walls are usually White PVC but there is the option of covering the panel with Display Loop Nylon (Velcro Compatible) or X film (Vinyl Covering) on one side before the panel is set in the framework.

A. Shell scheme walling
is made up of 1metre wide x 2.5 metres
high sections. Therefore, if your stand has a
back and sidewall (a corner plot) and the
stand size is 4 metres x 4 metres you have
8 panels.

Please contact the Event Management
Team with any requests and we will try to
meet with your requirements.

The visible panel size is 946mm wide x 2340mm high.

The visible area is 450mm wide x
2340mm high.

Velcro or sticky pads are the best options, (blue-tack doesn’t work) these can be purchased from our Service Desk during the exhibition.

Under 992mm wide:
using brackets fixed into the upright grooves
across 1 support pole, or hook and chain.
Over 1metre wide: using brackets fixed into
the upright grooves across 2 support poles. Panel brackets are available from our Service Desk during the exhibition. These will support up to 20kg – for anything heavier please contact the Event Management Team

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