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Conference Floor Management

Planning for a conference floor is easier now. Top Exhibitions and Marketing Services is your first choice conference floor planner if you’re looking for success.

Our experience in the field has well equipped us with the knowledge to handle the complexities that come along with conference floor planning.

From Conference Floor Layout Exhibition Plans, Trade Exhibition, Trade Show Flooring, and Shelving Solutions, we’re the best at doing the job for your business.

Conference Floor Plan Consulting

For over 12 years, we have experience in designing and implementing conference floor plans. We take into account the size and layout of the conference venue, the number of attendees, and the type of event you’re having. After understanding these, we then recommend the best floor plan for your event. Our team will create a 3D rendering so you can see exactly how your floor will look before it’s built. This will give you an opportunity to make any changes you want before we finalize the design.

Our other services include:

  • Consulting: We’ll work with you to understand your needs and goals for your conference and then recommend the best floor plan for your event.
  • Design: We’ll create a custom floor plan that meets your specific requirements, including the number of attendees, the type of event, and the desired traffic flow.
  • 3D rendering: We can create a photo-realistic 3D rendering of your floor plan, so you can see exactly how it will look before it’s built.
  • Site planning: If you need help finding a venue for your conference, we can help you assess the space and design a floor plan that fits the specific needs of your event.