Custom Stand Build

Custom Stand Build

Why use an exhibition stand designer?

With so much competition and such little time to make a great first impression, your exhibition stand needs to set you apart. Why should people choose you over another brand? What’s unique about your product or service? Conveying your message quickly and effectively is key to success in the world of exhibitions.

Bespoke exhibition stands design

Our in-house team of exhibition stand designers can create a beautiful, eye-catching setup that truly reflects your brand and your message. With over 15 years’ experience, we are the perfect partner to work with you for your next event. Designing, manufacturing, and building exhibition stands, we offer an all-round service, and we love nothing more than getting stuck into a new project.  

Our exhibition stands.

Not all exhibitions are the same. Different venues, different layouts – both require different set-ups. We offer a selection of solutions to suit your requirements with zero limitations or restrictions.

Custom exhibition stands.

A truly bespoke solution which is purpose-built and offers complete flexibility in terms of design. Whatever you can think of, we will work with you to deliver a perfectly bespoke custom exhibition stand that you can be proud to call your own. They are the best tailored solution to truly reflect the message of your brand and will aid in brand recognition across various events.

Skilled Manufacture.

Our talented team of Carpenters, Craftsmen and Stand Technicians turn completed stand plans into reality. We employ the highest standards during manufacture and our attention to detail is un-paralleled ensuring absolute success in manufacture and subsequent builds and re-builds.

Reconfigure and Re-use.

Custom built stands have the potential to be reconfigured to suit different sizes and venues if required. Simply discuss this with your Top Exhibitions Account Manager from the outset and we will take care of the rest. Don’t be afraid to ask what we can create. Our highly skilled exhibition stand designers, stand technicians and builders can manufacture all manner of display stands and displays. It all starts with an idea!

Technical Drawings.

Using 3D CAD software our design team create accurate designs along with lifelike visuals of your proposed stand. This provides you with a working visual of your exhibition stand before a panel has even been lifted. An invaluable asset to aid clients in seeing clearly how their stand will look when they arrive on site. It’s also a great tool in showcasing the design to your colleagues, and aides in the creation of effective graphics.

Shell scheme stands/exhibitions stand hire & build.


Our large warehouse facilities at our second site mean we can store your exhibition stands, both before and after each event. We can also store other items associated with your stand such as exhibition furniture, literature, giveaways and more – isn’t life simple when everything is together. We can provide an inventory of your stand which is updated every time the stand is out, modified or items removed. If you are interested in our exhibition stand storage facility, then please contact us to discuss in more detail.