Trade Fairs and Exhibitions in Kenya

1. MEDEXPO Kenya Nairobi

Date: 21st – 23rd June 2023
Venue: Sarit Expo Centre

NairobiThe MEDEXPO Kenya, located in Nairobi, is one of the most prestigious medical device trade fairs in East Africa and takes place annually. The name of the fair, MEDEXPO, stands for “Medical Exposition.” This expo is held at the Sarit Expo Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. The center is renowned for hosting large international events and offers a perfect setting for MEDEXPO Kenya. The event is organized by the Expo Group UAE, an internationally recognized trade fair organization based in the United Arab Emirates that has been organizing trade fairs in various sectors for over 20 years. The main themes of the fair include a wide range of medical fields, encompassing medical technology, laboratory technology, diagnostics, pharmacy, and health services. It plays a significant role in Kenya and East Africa as it provides a platform for both international and local companies to present their latest innovations and contribute to improving healthcare in the region.

2. Kenya Food & Kitchen Nairobi

Date: 05.07.2023 to Fri., 07.07.2023 in Nairobi.
Venue: Sarit Expo Centre

The Kenya Food & Kitchen (KFK) is an international trade fair in Nairobi, Kenya. It specializes in food, hospitality, agricultural products, accessories, and machinery. The fair is held at the Sarit Expo Centre in Nairobi, a modern and well-equipped exhibition center that can be easily reached by public transport or car. As a rule, the KFK takes place annually, usually in the summer. This time of year in Nairobi is particularly pleasant and well-suited for large-scale events. Its regular cycle allows exhibitors and visitors to plan their participation well in advance. The themes of the fair revolve around the presentation of products and services from the sectors above.

The event program includes, among other things, cooking demonstrations, the introduction of new products, networking events, and discussion rounds. The main visitors to the fair are professionals, including entrepreneurs, managers, buyers, sellers, and investors from all over Africa and beyond. They use the fair to learn about the latest trends and innovations, maintain business relationships, and make new contacts. The Kenya Food & Kitchen is part of a series of fairs organized by the Expo Group UAE, including an annual event in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

3. Plastics Printing Packaging Kenya Nairobi

05. – 07. July 2023 | International trade fair for plastics, printing, and packaging

The Plastics Printing Packaging Kenya, or “PPP Kenya,” is an internationally recognized trade fair focusing on plastics, printing, and packaging. This annual event is initiated by the Expo Group UAE and is held at the prestigious Sarit Expo Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. Exhibitors present innovative products and services from plastics, printing, and packaging at the fair. They use this platform to establish new products, present their latest developments, and build business relationships with potential customers. Furthermore, additional product categories, such as thermoplastic compounds, processing equipment, packaging materials, and flexographic printing machines, are showcased at the fair. Highlights of the fair include demonstrations of the latest technologies and materials, interactive workshops, and networking events.

4. Kenya International Trade Exhibition Nairobi

05. – 07. July 2023 | International trade exhibition

At the Kenya International Trade Exhibition in Nairobi, many exhibitors from different countries show products, accessories, and machinery. Although Kenya is one of the largest markets in Africa, the show specifically wants to attract traders and importers from other African countries, which is why many companies will be contacted directly and invited to the fair. Visitors can find in-depth and comprehensive information about various fields’ latest developments, trends, products, and services.

The twenty-fourth Kenya International Trade Exhibition takes place three days from Wed., 05.07.2023, to Fri., 07.07.2023, in Nairobi.

Medic East Africa Nairobi

11. – 13. September 2023 | Health fair

Venue: KICC

The Medic East Africa is a health fair and will take place in Nairobi. This exhibition is a communication and information platform in the industry and offers the exhibiting companies the opportunity to present to an audience of experts here. Visitors can find in-depth and comprehensive information about various fields’ latest developments, trends, products, and services.

The Medic East Africa will take place three days from Monday, 11. September to Wednesday, 13. September 2023 in Nairobi.


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