Shell scheme stands/exhibitions stand hire & build

Shell scheme stands/exhibitions stand hire & build.

Shell scheme stands/exhibitions stand hire & build.

I’m sorry, but facts are facts. Most shell-scheme exhibition stands are just plain
It doesn’t have to be that way. And in fact, many of our best exhibits are
designed and created, within the walls of a standard booth.


When you book a booth from TOP Exhibitions, you get standard fare.
Plain walls, a fascia, and a ceiling grid. Hardly inspiring!
However, we can take your standard booth, and using tried and tested methods,
we can transform it into an amazing display stand.


We’ve been transforming standard exhibiting booths for 9 years. And in that time, we’ve developed several creative ways of literally ‘breaking out’ of the confines of the dull booth walls. Working with the show organizers, we eliminate the restricting ceiling grid and fascia, enabling us to design high-level branding features that really get you noticed.
We then replace the standard shell scheme with our amazing photo flooring, giving your stand an amazing look and feel compared to your fellow exhibitors.
Your new stand design entirely covers and hides the ugly shell-scheme structure, giving you a professional and coherent look. So your display is an entirely independent structure, which is not fixed or part of the organiser’s booth. And, because it’s modular, it can be reconfigured for different spaces so that you can
reuse your stand at future shows in different spaces. You can hire your shell scheme system from Top Exhibitions.


You exhibit to promote your business, make new contacts (or reinforce current contacts), and sell more products or services. Many exhibitors book a simple booth, sometimes for cost reasons or sometimes because it may be the only space available at a popular show.
The problem – and your opportunity – is to get noticed and stand out from the sea of ‘standard’ booths. Stand out from the crowd: You will stand out from the sea of conformity that surrounds you, aiding
recognition, and getting you more visitors.

Get noticed:
We can use high-level branding, within your shell-booth, getting your branding noticed from a distance.
Professional look:
Your display will professionally present you, unlike the ‘standard.’ booths surrounding you. Wide range of accessories: We support our shell-scheme customers with our upgraded shell scheme system, which offers exhibition & display products.


This picture shows what is possible within a standard shell-scheme design. Talking with the show organisers, we negotiated the seamless branding of the back wall and covered the ugly metals and also included the carpet into the package. We designed a stand with high-level branding, showcases, and a digital
presentation. Stunning graphics were used, which then flowed into the floor space of the booth
(replacing the boring plain poles and beams).